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Critters Cookies - Dog Treats

Critters Cookies are Made with Love!

Critters Cookies began with one woman's passion to make her dog healthy, locally sourced treats. Owner, Linda Parker, has since expanded sales from Farmer Markets into pet food stores, pet spas, feed and supply stores, and many more! Linda’s goal is to have every canine (big or small) fall in love with her holistic Critters Cookies treats, just like her Chief Taste Tester Casey has!

Her company’s love of animals shows every day through creating RAW, dehydrated, nutritional, organic dog treats. All Critters Cookies products are handmade with love on Vancouver Island, B.C.

Why Choose Critter's Cookies?

Critters Cookies are handmade canine treats which are RAW and considered ‘Living Foods’. Every treat is organic, holistic, and nutritional. We use Locally Sourced Beef and LambOrganic Greens (Arugula and Kale) and Organic Seed Protein (Buckwheat grown in Saskatchewan). Only the best Veterinarian approved herbs, spices, minerals, and vitamins are used in our products. We specifically choose nutrients that are known to contain anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties. Some products contain fresh Green Tripe which is loaded with digestive enzymes, gastric juices, and amino acids; all ingredients that support a healthy digestive tract!  

Critters Cookies stand out in the marketplace because they are a RAW, grain-free, dehydrated, high protein canine treat. Each treat is low fat and loaded with dog specific vitamins and minerals.  We only use the finest ingredients, sourced locally, when possible. There are NO additives or preservatives in our products!

Why are Critter's Cookies RAW?

Our ‘RAW’ Critters Cookies are made with a unique dehydration technique and temperature control that pulls water out of our recipes slowly. Our way of processing leaves all of the valuable enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in their natural form. RAW treats support shinier coats, cleaner teeth, and an increase in energy.

What Makes Critter's Cookies a Healthier Alternative?

Just ask Casey, our Chief Taste Tester! All of our products have been tried and tested by Casey, with mouth-watering results. Critters Cookies treats have been tried by dogs that suffer from a sensitive stomach, allergies, or simply fussier than most... all with great results. Crumbling Critter treats over your dog’s food is a great way to increase the nutritional benefits of extra protein, vitamins, and minerals. They are also beneficial to use as training incentives for the reluctant dog.

We have had fantastic reviews from dog trainers to pet owners. Our treats are made with love for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes.

Rescue dogs especially benefit from the added power and nutrition of our treats, since their previous diets were usually not very nutritious. 

Our high protein, lean meat treats such as Critter Craves and More Greeeeens Please, are a perfect choice for dogs that have weight sensitivities.  

As with any change in diet, we recommended you incorporate our treats slowly. Start out giving your dog one treat at a time, increasing slowly up to two or more over a few days.